Some career-related links you might find helpful:

(There are many sites on these topics – these are just a few that I like the best)

Online job listings:

Most people get jobs through personal contacts, as opposed to replying to job postings. I can help you devise a strategy for meeting people in your field and at the organizations where you are interested in working. However, it's certainly a good idea to apply for jobs you find online – people do get jobs this way!

Online job postings are also an excellent way to see what employers are looking for and to get a sense of what skills and qualifications you will want to emphasize on your resume or, possibly, acquire additional training in.

Simply Hired

Career Builder



Craigslist (Twitter)

Andrew Hudson's Jobs List (focuses on jobs in media, PR, and related creative fields)

Regis University Nonprofit Job Board

Colorado Nonprofit Association Job Board

Mashable: 100+ Places to Find Jobs  (links to a whole bunch of other sites that post jobs)

Mashable: Top 10 Social Sites for Finding a Job


It's also a good idea to look directly at the web sites of companies and organizations you're interested in working for, as well as professional associations in your field.


Preparing your resume and other job-related communications:

These worksheets can be helpful in identifying your transferable skills, which you will want to include on your resume:

Transferable Skills Worksheet for Resumes and Cover Letters

Transferable Skills Set for Job-Seekers

Transferable Skills Checklist

Visual CV (create a visual, web-based resume)



How to Network (Even If You Hate Networking) – a good resource for introverts


Ten Ways to Use LinkedIn to Find a Job

How to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Rock

Once you join LinkedIn, search for groups to join related to your career field and for people working at places and doing things that interest you.

Also visit the web sites for the professional associations in your field, and see if there are local groups you can get involved with.


Assessments and figuring out what you want to do:

Identify Your Work Values

College in Colorado  (not just for college students or prospective students!)

Keirsey Temperament site (a free assessment, similar to the Myers-Briggs but not as in-depth)

My Skills My Future (input an occupation you've held, and it gives you a list of related occupations)


General career and job search information:

Job Hunter's Bible (official site for the book What Color Is Your Parachute?)

Quint Careers (too many popup ads, unfortunately, but very good information)

Job Star

Psychology Today Career Transitions blog

Career Action Now

Knock 'Em Dead blog

Work Happy Now!

Denver Business Journal (or choose a Business Journal for your city)

ColoradoBiz Magazine

Barbara Winter (author of Making a Living without a Job)

Ask the Headhunter Job Searching Career Planning

Denver Career Counseling


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