Are you ready for career counseling?

If you can answer yes to all these questions, you are more likely to benefit from career counseling:

Are you generally in a positive, hopeful, and optimistic emotional state, even though you may feel stressed and anxious from your current situation? (People with significant depression, major underlying emotional issues, personality disorders, ongoing addictions, or extreme dissatisfaction with their personal lives typically need to work with a mental health professional before being good candidates for career counseling.)

Are you ready and willing to take a careful look at yourself and your situation, even if it's scary?

Do you have the emotional support of the person closest to you (your partner, spouse, or parents if applicable) toward making a change, even if that might mean giving up some of your income to do something that is a better fit for you?

Are you willing and able to give yourself time to be patient with this process? We're not talking about years of self-exploration, but it's important that you not feel like you have to figure it all out in one or two weeks.

Are you able to accept that life offers no guarantees, no 100% perfect job or occupation for you, and no clear black-and-white path?

Are you willing and able to make time for the "homework" that is an essential part of this process? If you feel you have no time, are you willing to discuss how to make time for this important work on improving your life?
























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