Denver Career Counseling Resume, Cover Letter, and Interview Consultation

Whether you want to delve right into these pragmatic aspects of the job search or want to incorporate them into a larger career exploration strategy, I can help you with resumes, cover letters, and interviewing.



I can advise you on how to craft a strong resume that you can feel confident about and that will attract the attention of potential employers.

I do not write your resume for you. Rather, I ask you to bring in whatever you have, and we go over it together in a session. I give you some sample resumes to help guide you, and you take your resume home and do some revisions between sessions. If you do not have a resume, I can help you get started on one.

I have been a writer and editor for most of my adult life and will help you come up with the right words and phrases and make sure your resume looks good on the page. I have reviewed many resumes and have a good eye for what works and what doesn't, and I pay attention to what professional resume writers and human resources professionals recommend.

This process does not work for everyone. It is important that you have strong writing skills, a good eye for detail in the written word, and the patience to do most of the work yourself. If this process is not a fit for you, I can refer you to a professional resume writer.


Cover Letters

It's essential that you have a clearly written cover letter to accompany your resume. While I feel it's important that your cover letter be written from your authentic personal voice (so you will write the letter yourself), I can provide you with sample cover letters and tips for crafting the most effective letter. I have many years' experience as a writer and editor and will help you come up with the right words and phrases and make sure the letter is attractively formatted.  



You obviously want to make an outstanding impression at your interview and be prepared with the answers to whatever questions they send your way. I offer interview preparation sessions, including mock interviews, to help you figure out the best ways to describe your strengths without feeling phony, convince them that what you have to offer is exactly what they're looking for, address questions about weaknesses and problems in the past, and arrive at the interview well-prepared. I can also coach you on body language, eye contact, and projecting overall confidence.

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