Personalized Career Counseling/Career Coaching in Denver and via Skype

Important March 2018 update:  I'm no longer working as a career counselor and am therefore not accepting new clients. I'll be taking this site down soon.

You can find a list of other career counselors here. Thank you for your interest.

I am an experienced career counselor/career coach in Denver, Colorado, facilitating in-depth exploration of your values, strengths, skills, interests, and other factors that are crucially important to ensuring a good career fit. I can help you brainstorm and strategize your next career move, and I offer traditional and nontraditional career assessments, resume consultation, and interview preparation.

I can also share practices and techniques to help you reduce stress and "declutter" your mind so you can focus on what really matters to you.

My work is highly individualized and holistic, allowing you to bring your whole self into the conversation.  My background in general counseling/psychotherapy as well as career counseling allows me to offer insight into potential internal blocks and anxieties that may be contributing to your situation.

Are you a good candidate for career counseling? Find out here…

Do any of the following situations ring true for you?

  • Feeling "clueless" about what you want to do with your life
  • Knowing what you want to do but feeling unsure how to begin
  • Feeling like you just don't fit in with traditional career or job roles, yet you can't find anything else or don't know where to begin
  • Having a ton of different interests and feeling overwhelmed trying to focus
  • Sensing that there's "something else," but having no clear idea what that might be
  • Stress from having to do extra work at your job or from "difficult people" at work
  • Pressure to "be someone you're not" at work
  • An overall sense that your current lifestyle is not personally sustainable, or a fear of burning out
  • A longing to more closely align your work and lifestyle with your values, but a sense that you don't have the time or energy

If so, my personalized approach to career counseling can help you:

  • Get in touch with your values and move your life in a direction toward living by those values, even during times of stress
  • Plan for your next career move to take advantage of future opportunities
  • Find effective ways to gain more balance in your life
  • Figure out where you can use your unique gifts in a way that feels like an authentic fit
  • Reduce stress and anxiety


*A special message for the "I have to finally figure out what to do with my degree" crowd (primarily in the 23-30 age group).

*A special message for the "I've got to get out of this field and finally figure out what type of work will really make me happy" people (primarily over 30).

(If neither of these descriptions applies to you, I would still love to work with you!)

I realize that it takes courage to enter counseling, especially when we’ve been taught to “buck up,” “tough it out,” and “pull ourselves up by our bootstraps.” I honor the hesitation many people experience when visiting a counselor for the first time, and I believe it is essential to develop a compassionate and understanding relationship with each of my clients.

Even in a good economy, many of us feel betrayed by the way we were led to believe things “should” be in our professional lives. Since work takes so much of our time, is a major part of our identity, and affects our financial status, work-related anxieties and difficulties usually spill over into our personal lives.

In addition to talking about your future, we can explore ways to make your present day-to-day experiences more satisfying. (And if it seems that you would benefit from more focused psychotherapy, I can refer you to other professionals who specialize in depression, trauma, and other psychological issues.)

This is an excellent time to begin envisioning a fulfilling and sustainable career and life for the years ahead. I look forward to helping you look ahead to future opportunities!

Please visit the links above for more information about my career counseling/coaching services in Denver and via Skype.

~ Betsy ~


I meet with clients for career counseling at my office near I-25 and Colorado Blvd. or on the phone (although it's always best in person). I also have limited availability for Skype sessions. Please click on the address to see a larger map and get directions:

Denver Career Counseling


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